Like most of my cakes, this one is insane, and like some of my cakes it is intended to be a bit messy.  It's a hot mess. It IS 'A Hot Mess' cake. Whether this was named for the cake itself or the awesome woman who ordered it is up for debate, but in both cases awesomeness (and sweetness) exudes.


This is two layers of my pecan-carrot sponge, wrapped in cream cheese icing, which seems pretty straightforward until we consider what's next:   A pecan pie filling (with some very refined flavors thrown in) to make it a smooth, mellow, not-overly-sweet, gooey experience. 


As pictured, this is a two-layer 8" cake and will easily feed 8-12 folks (more if you're making the slices a bit thinner).  

The Hot Mess: Carrot & Pecan Cake