This is the Susanna.  That name sounds like a song when you say it, doesn't it?  This cake is named for a very special lady during the height of the COVID misery.  Her wedding plans had all been cancelled, to include her cake.  Thankfully I'm nothing if not romantic so it was decided she'd get something special for her ceremony at Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


This cake is a delicious vanilla sponge wrapped up in a bright lemon icing punctuated by tart fresh raspberry compote.   It just doesn't get any better than this.  I personally hold this cake as my favorite, and I'm a die-hard chocoholic.  


Poetic Description:

This cake is a sunny spring day with endless blue skies, trees wearing the bright green leaves, and a crisp breeze welcoming the bursting flowers of summer.  It is elegant and fun.  It’s the perfect blend of lighthearted joy and serious contemplation.  It is my go-to cake for weddings, a favorite of important celebrations, and a solid choice for a birthday party.  This is the cake you want to end the perfect day.

Susanna, Raspberry & Lemon