This is the ultimate elevation of S'mores!  Classy, elegant, and no sticky fingers (unless you can't wait for a fork).


A ribbon of gooey chocolate fudge, a toasted marshmallow center, and a decadent graham cracker crumble mix are nestled between two thick rich chocolate sponge layers.  It's iced with a whipped chocolate icing, topped with more gooey home made chocolate fudge, a rich, buttery graham cracker crumble topping, and wears a perfectly toasted marshmallow crown.  A ring of toasted marshmallow re-imagined S'mores encircle the cake for one final delicious treat!


Poetic Description:


This is the perfect camping trip.  It's a log fire roaring away in a stone fireplace as you huddle so near that your face feels almost sunburnt.  It's sliding across a slick floor in your favorite socks.  It's a cowlick on your son's head that annoys him and charms you.  It's stepping off the bus for the first day of school.  It's a warm mug in your hands with the steam warming your face.  It's a roasted chicken and mashed potatoes on the table when you come home from school for winter break.  It is fresh sheets and a thick blanket on your bed.  It's the girl who's way out of your league giving you a pretty smile before she saunters off into your memories.  It's chopping wood on a chilly day and the smell of the wild in your hair.  It's knowing that you're exactly where you're supposed to be and all is right with the world.

S'mores Cake