Peppermint Cake!


This is two tall layers of moist vanilla sponge with light whipped peppermint icing and chocolate fudge ribbon between them, topped with a chocolate fudge drip crown, pinwheel crush, and pinwheel rounds to finish it off.  This is a bright, fun, delicious cake that you’re sure to love for any occasion.


What is the Peppermint Cake?


Nostalgia.  It’s grandma’s house.  It’s listening to grandpa tell you about his childhood.  It’s a rocking horse in a big room.  It’s a woven rug.  It’s linen on a line under a clear blue sky.  It’s the sound of footsteps on an old wood floor.  It’s a hay loft you jump out of.  It’s a rope swing over a swimmin’ hole.  It’s a walk to the Tasty Freeze for a cone.  It’s watching the sunset with your first love.  It’s that amazing feeling of clean exhaustion after a day at the pool with your best friends.  It’s a pair of well worn sneakers and jeans that