You don't like chocolate but you always wanted a Black Forest cake?  Well, I got ya covered!  Two buttery vanilla layers with homemade caramel and made-from-scratch cherry pie filling, all held together with my delicious whipped vanilla buttercream!  Don't tell the Black Forest crowd, but this might be even better than the original.


Poetic Description:


It's watching the Muppet Show in '80s with your best friend.  It's double dip of ice cream in a freshly made waffle cone.  It's waking up to find mom made you a big stack of pancakes and bacon when you only expected cereal.  It's a brand new pillow.  It's walking into your favorite record store and flipping through the albums.  It's finding $10 crumpled in your coat pocket.  It's a bendy straw in a tall handspun milkshake.  It's a sunflower that suddenly sprung up to greet you on your way to school.  It's giving a horse an apple.  It's a game of tag that leaves you breathless.  It's a campfire on the first warm night of the year.  It's scratching a puppy behind the ears.  It is the undefinable feeling of coming home after a long day and knowing there's no place in the world we'd rather be.

Blonde Forest Cake