Well what do we have here? It's a daggum Banana Puddin' & Nilla Wafer cake, that's what.




There's a 50/50 split on whether this cake is better with vanilla or chocolate sponge. IMO you can't make a bad choice here. The purist will love the vanilla. The rebel will choose the chocolate. In any event what you'll wind up with is a cake jam-packed full of banana infused Boston Creme and shored up with banana infused whipped vanilla buttercream to hold it all together. Nilla Wafers provide the perfect amount of crunch and flavor. It's crazy moist, and bustin' with flavor!


As pictured, this is a two-layer 8" cake and will easily feed 8-12 folks (more if you're making the slices a bit thinner).  

Banana Puddin' & Nilla Wafer Cake