Candy bars are interesting things aren't they? They transcend every walk of life. Everyone understands a candy bar. Some are great, some are terrible but we love them anyway. I remember as a kid I didn't like dark chocolate.  And I didn't like almonds all that much. I did (and still do) love coconut. 


This left me in a weird spot since I wanted a Mounds bar that was milk chocolate and later all I wanted was an Almond Joy that was dark chocolate.  Well daggumit I've corrected this travesty!


That's right! This is my take on the Almond Joy as it relates to cake. This is two tall layers of my signature chocolate sponge, and each one has that great coconut 'Almond Joy filling' topped with toasted almond slivers, and then drenched in a healthy dose of my homemade chocolate fudge.

Almond Joy Cake