Today's Delish: Classic Apple Pie

Who doesn't love this classic? Well, to be honest I never really cared all that much for pies until I figured out life beyond Dillzberry Krusts)

Wait, what? You can make your own crusts? I'm sure that was pretty close to what I said, and probably as I was digging into a bowl of cellophane-entombed ramen. Hey, I was pretty ignorant of fine cuisine back then. I got excited about Velveeta mac-n-cheese instead of the powder kind. So, ya know, you live and learn.

Anyway, once I finally discovered good crust the whole pie experience was revolutionized! Now it is one of my favorites. And my favorite is Honeycrisp apples (organic, thankyouverymuch... they just taste better) and Granny Smiths. Unfortunately I don't have any Grannies but that just means it'll be all the sweeter!

Look at those monsters! I'm sure they were grand on the tree, but they're destined for my oven.

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